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jeannetta hunter   2020-07-02 01:24:16   

Fabulous work of art Nia, I am so proud of you... you are awesome my friend. continued blessings. Oh yes and maybe one day soon I can start collecting your graphite prints. I absolutely love them. I'm going to start saving now, for my first one. J
Starr Adams   2018-10-07 21:22:14   

Hi, I just came from seeing Silence Out Loud at the Museum of Northern California Art up in Chico. The first thing I saw was your piece Dignity, and it brought tears of relief and gratitude to my eyes. So beautiful! Thank you. All my best, Starr
Tammy Ferman   2018-01-02 10:02:50   

Will you have a 2018 calendar?
Joe Alexander   2016-10-02 10:33:33   

Hi im Jermaine and Ashas friend trying to get pricing info
Virgie Patterson-Newman   2016-03-06 10:36:38   

Congrats Nia! Captivating artistic expressions! I'm proud of you ! Praise God for your creative genius... Best, Virgie :-)
Karen R Bankhead   2015-08-14 15:57:38   

Best Wishes, to you Virginia good work. Love it keep it up!
Doninkuananda Shabibi   2015-05-06 03:19:11   

po lil baby trayvon was murdered fo no reason ;_; i juss know he was a good boy and didn't smash that evil racist's head against the pavement. thank you for fighting for justice against the evil juries and witnesses and scientific facts. you are a tru hero to the art world and humanity.
Jackie Nunn   2015-04-23 01:53:16   

You are very talented.
Jackie Nunn   2015-04-23 01:50:45   

These are nice. I really enjoyed my visit to your website.
Roland Ware   2015-03-04 13:36:47   

Virginia, Hello: I love the art gallery and I'm definitely interested in some of the pieces of art including one sculpture as well. Awesome work and great detail and creativity. Thanks Roland Ware Lincoln High / Veteran Bay Area
Debbi Sprinkle   2015-02-16 06:58:57   

It was such a treat to meet you through your Dad yesterday at the store. Your art work is so joyous and vibrant; really wonderful. Good luck with the gallery; my guess is you'll be very successful!
Kermit Burleson   2014-12-19 09:28:30   

At work looking at your art, will be moving next month Jan 14, need some art for my house, and do you have Xmas cards this year, have a few inquires at work, talk to you soon...your paintings are the BOMB!!!!!
Carlos Haynes   2014-12-08 08:08:56   

Now i see why you and your sister use to travel so much, there is so much story in your art, so priceless don't stop keep it up, real nice work love it.
kim   2014-02-28 11:44:04   

Hello Cousin!! I've been raving about your art to everyone!!
arl   2014-02-12 11:20:45   

Beautiful art. Thank you.
Helen Gill-Smith   2014-02-03 08:30:51   

Love your work and I don't know you, but I'm proud of you. Keep pushing and keeping God first.
TheArthur Wright   2014-01-30 18:14:15   

Dig the hell out of your website. It's good to see you made the world your palette. We owe that to this grand old lady! Continued good work. See you at the venues!
asha   2013-12-08 14:51:17   

Love all your pieces
Vaughn Filmore   2013-12-05 22:31:32   

Asha McDowell   2013-07-17 21:46:38   

Your portraits get more and more amazing .
Anthony   2013-01-07 04:17:51   

Wow Nia, this site is very impressive! You are top notch! I enjoyed all the paintings and the sculptures blew me away! I will be looking to buy the Give Them There Flowers for my Mother's Birthday. Wow U R awsome!
Charles Bibbs   2013-01-03 18:32:59   

Very good work. Take your art to the world, they want to see it.
Bill Norwood   2012-07-12 04:50:15   

Nia, I like your work ! do you have anything in a larger size for wall mounted framing? I looked at your various windows and it seems that everything was card size. You have my number...Looking frward to hearing from you. :-)